ATL GT series is designed for advanced audio receptacles, dual/ 4 / 6 poles, made by A luminum alloy ADC-10 JIS (bottom 20 mm, side 10 mm thick) , lateral surface of the hairline treatment. Beautiful, thick and heavy. For the outside noise interference, it provides the isolation to make the audio system a much better performance then it has.

BoxShellwInlet Application for Inlet selected additionally. Except to the receptacles, ATL GT series has two type installation choices, inlet and gland. The perfect cut for inlet application, is capable of international standarard output inlet accomodation. To apply with a female connector and is great for receptacles' transmission to the audio system.
BoxShellwGland With gland type. ATL GT series's gland type was made of nylon, designed for a choice of power wire installation. It provides a flexibility to apply different distances of receptacle set for insert with different length wire installations.