ATL's fold structure of bare copper wire buckle is the new left side inverted Insertion design, coupled with the right side of the two high-voltage spot weldings. Allow two pieces of copper down more closely and is for consumers to make the screw in the forward and back will not cause displacement / dislocation, the screw thread will not be cracked then can not be fixed on the copper wire. And, caused unexpected safety concerns arising. ATL 's design is significantly to increase the buckle of the safety and durability of the connector and let the connector blade closer integration with the copper wire.

ConnectorRetention ATL 15A female clip, designed with the strengthen of force on both sides, reinforced the steel strength of pure copper clip with increasing contact area by 30% of the front surface. It not only improves power connector's safety but also its performance in the sound. Because enlarged areas of contact, clamping force increases, the current / frequency was less resistance. The audio system therefore gets the best results. It improves ATL's design and application to be evolution to an unprecedented status.
ConnectorOutershell ATL power connector's outer shell is made of custom-made A-class flexibility and high impact / fire-proof nylon material. It is not only to safety considerations, in audio, it is helpful in terms of medium / low frequency performance. This is what ATL had long-term studied and made other materials through the comparison and testing. Different hardness of the material performs different sound in its overall, the harder material makes the medium / low frequency less than resonance frequency more. The softer material makes a whole range of medium / low-frequency performance to be better, more complete and more mellow smooth sound. ATL's power connector hopes to make every detail of the product and also to be the best.

ATL RD-12's A-class nylon mirror treatment creative 12 angle applications, and its increased curved space for a wire's easy installation, allow users to make a variety of power cables to fit the small space perfectly on the wall. And also to make the room space more secure and beautiful.
RD-12 supports to ATL all the power connector and WATTGATE / MARINCO power connector

ConnectorPlating ATL CU/AG/AU/RH multi-layer plating is ATL's many years developed plating technic. The arrangement of each layer plating, electroplating composition and plating thickness all contribute different sound characteristics.
CU: strengthen the performance of frequency range, make the ETP material's frequency performance demonstrated more clearly and naturally.
AG: Strengthen the performance of high-frequency range, make the ETP material, CU coating demonstrated a broader frequency.
AU: Soften the full-range frequency, make the ETP material, CU/AG coating exhibited a more mellow sound.
RH: Strengthen the whole range of extremely high frequency, to create the overall sense of space/air by the frequency range, to demonstrate an unprecedented performance.
P.S.: ATL using PURE RH plating, compare to other brands' RH plating claimed, it is more beautiful white and with general sense of a significant difference in dark.

ATL use custom-made ETP copper, SGS certified 100% conductivity copper material, to produce ATL products power connectors / power receptacles / power inlets, makes these products current / freqency transmission, will not be hindered then lower the quality.

ETP copper 100% Brass 25-35% Phosphor bronze 13%