ATL ETP-700CU/SG/RH the world's first Netural / Live/ Ground all use 100% conductivity ETP PURE COPPER materials, made by one piece CNC machining. It can make the current / frequency transfer 0 impede and make a substantial increase in conductance to your sound system. To make the perfect effect and perfect sound performance on power system are what ATL power inlet the biggest difference from other brands.

Inlet700Layout ATL ETP 700 series is the world first ETP copper made power inlet. The excellent performance, make consumers once try it then be surprised and addicted with. It is also made according to international standard IEC320 C20 size, provides for a conveniently direct installation into most standard cut outs. Install with ETP 700 series, your power system will be totally different.
Plating01 ATL CU/AG/AU/RH multi-layer plating is ATL's many years developed plating technic. The arrangement of each layer plating, electroplating composition and plating thickness all contribute different sound characteristics.
CU: strengthen the performance of frequency range, make the ETP material's frequency performancedemonstrated more clearly and naturally.
AG: Strengthen the performance of high-frequency range, make the ETP material, CU coating demonstrated a broader frequency.
AU: Soften the full-range frequency, make the ETP material, CU/AG coating exhibited a more mellow sound.
RH: Strengthen the whole range of extremely high frequency, to create the overall sense of space/air by the frequency range, to demonstrate an unprecedented performance.
P.S.: ATL using PURE RH plating, compare to other brands' RH plating claimed, it is more beautiful white and with general sense of a significant difference in dark.

ATL use custom-made ETP copper, SGS certified 100% conductivity copper material, to produce ATL products power connectors / power receptacles / power inlets, makes these products current / freqency transmission, will not be hindered then lower the quality.

ETP copper 100% Brass 25-35% Phosphor bronze 13%