Audio Master Company was established in 1989, started with a famous speakers and wires' distributing. Then in year 2005, on ATL field experiences, Audio Master discovered the power effects on audio system. That is if an audio system was requested to perform the music perfectly, it has to be started by a foundation of audio power.

Audio Master could not find any one of present system was satisfied. These companies in the market use material “phosphorus bronze” to make power products mostly, It was found the reasons are of the high hardness and the easy applications in industrial levels etc features.

But after the deeply studies on the “phosphorus bronze”, Audio Master found its actual conductivity is ranging on 13% to 50% only. When a conductor was made by the type material, the outcoming performance was not good enough. So we studied all available types over and over , we finally found the best conductive material, 100% electricity conductivity, ETP pure copper. Then at the meantime, we overcame the metal softness characteristic and made the word's best power designs.

Sequently, we also developed a high-end plating techniques on these. That is the world only non-magnetic, multi-layer platings. Then these treatments had won many very high appraises and very well reputaion for us.

Then, in year 2013, a series of stereo products were researched and developed. We applied the same material and plating technoledges in them. We are pround to say, all these products were cautiously made with our most valuable principles, 3H:

High taste, ATL products expresses a breaking age design and beauty of arts.
High quality, ATL products are carefully made with solid durability, safety features.
High performance, what customers can get from Audio Master is always the best in the world.

We insist what we believe, studying, devoting and making the best for our world customers. Hoping you feel it.